Friday, December 17, 2010

Liz McCallum - Tina Veer - Big Beautiful Wellness - Plus Size Women Wanted

Tina Veer, Liz McCallum - BBW Goddesses

Linda Randall
White Fur & Jewels - The DIVA GODDESS
the idea girl says
doing the tv taping today was one of the pinnacle moments of my life.  Even if I wasn't being interviewed (future plans are in the works for that) I got to see how nerve wracking it is to be on television.

A whole camera crew, the producer - Joann and a truck recording Liz McCallum's one hour tv special.
It will be airing sometime in January on Channel 10 for Cogeco.
It would be really cool if some other networks would pick it up and use it too.

I know Ophrah Winfrey would be delighted with Liz and her story.

I told Liz she needs to write a book and then we will send it to Ophrah for her to read. :)

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