Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Ideas - March 30, 2009

-Apply for Giant Squid Status (emailed, Idea Girl Consulting Site/Profile Info - 50 Lenses)

-Searched Science, Scientists, Space, Obama,NASA,Inventors, Invent, Inventing groups on Twitter - Follow them to receive the latest news in space, science and politics)

-Unable to follow my followers today in email, Twitter won't let me. Made a new word.. Twoduelly - Two Duel, Me and the Computer

-Yahoo email account, signed up for ODesk, bid on a increase Twitter Follow Client $250, in 30 days

-My Blog Log - Idea Girl posts my tweets and is Googled first under Idea Girl or Idea Girl Consulting

-Test Idea Girl Consulting, comes up first on Google because of articles on WordPress and My Blog Log.

- Liz Strauss has WordPress widget badges to be used with Twitter - Downloaded the Comment Counter

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