Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Ideas - March 23, 2009

-A great book to read is "The One-Minute Millionaire Challenge."

-Google Chrome is faster than Explorer and Fire Fox for loading Graphics and updating websites

-Open your Tweet Deck or Twitter on it's own page, everything suspends in time while it updates, and it's annoying if trying to work on an article or surfing the net, it makes you wait until it has updated and it types super slow

-Google Chrome needs to add a mini Google Search tool on it

-Open individual windows in Google Chrome, it saves your history, so you can just click and open what you were working on before. It's extremely useful for those of us that have to multi-task first thing in the morning (I open 5 of them for each thing I'm working on - while one updates, I go to the next one)

-I need to ask a why I don't have any stars when I've written enough articles to earn *one star*

-I need to start writing more articles for Helium and make some money. I need 75% in marks - leap frog articles to upgrade them and get a higher mark

-If you want to write and make money sign up for you can bid on articles to write, and they are looking for marketing people as well

-Writers Digest School has tips on writing for novels and magazines's_Digest_Magazine

-Use Twitter Tools to create a Fan Base for Yourself. People will follow you and read what you have to say if it's entertaining and fun you can Twitter Me:

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