Sunday, April 12, 2009

I forgot everything posts to this site :)

I was going to post it again, and glad I didn't.  I read a few emails today and found out that people are asking me to write articles.  Which is great but I feel stupid for not checking my emails sent on April 9, 2009.  I decided to take the weekend off for Easter and just enjoy doing some spring cleaning, organize my office (bought a smaller desk and making more room in it) I put a couch in the room and tables and lamps so now I can lay down and meditate in my office instead of going to my bedroom to do it.   Yesterday I spent some time outdoors, doing some hiking and meditating and praying about my future.  

I felt that I needed some direction because I didn't think I was getting any response from the articles written and figured maybe I should try a different career.  I got my answer today when I read my emails.  Several sites and people asked for more.  So the Universe did send me a message on April 9th, and I was praying on April 11th LOL.  I guess it knew I was going to doubt my abilities as a writer and decided to give me a shove in the right direction. 

Now I feel at peace about my new career decision.  I was in Customer Care for over 10 years at various Call Centers and left because of my injuries from a car accident.  For the past year, I've been working toward becoming a writer, author and freelancer learning spelling and grammar all over again and trying to write a proper article without repeating the same sentence several times.  A condition that was caused from the accident.  

I was supposed to write articles for Niagara Moments, when the accident happened and when I submitted one, they pointed out that I was writing like a broken record (not said in that way but it's the easiest way to explain it).  My brain would repeat over and over again the same sentence in several ways in a paragraph and I didn't notice it, even when proof reading.  

Since I've been working on meditation every day, walking and getting better.  I have also invested time each day in the You Tube Idea Girl Consulting meditation playlist I have compiled of "healing" sounds, tones and meditations.  I have found that DNA Repair 528 HZ transforming and making my thought process much clearer.  I intend to share these healing attributes with the world, in hopes of helping someone out there who suffers from the same issues.

The other thing I did was go to a place called "Let it Heal" here in St Catharines and I did two sessions of the "Bowen Technique."  It's marvelous and easy and only $60/session, but it works wonders.  It took the constant clicking out of my neck and reduced the pain and discomfort I had been suffering with for the past 3 years.  

I still have my days of discomfort and have to move around for my back but my neck is so much better. I wasn't able to swim for almost 3 years and now I can.  It's great, I can walk now, sit now for a longer period of time and stand longer then ever before.  I recommend the "Bowen Technique" to everyone.

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