Saturday, November 19, 2011

how to do a save as while using the review spell check grammar feature i...

one of the things i'm teaching on my the idea girl says youtube channel is how to use the editing tool in microsoft office 2007 under the 'review' button

i go step by step on editing each word, phrase or sentence. How it catches the sentence structure but over looks certain words in the search for errors in your manuscript.

usually you will edit your manuscript about three times before it begins to make any sense.

i started the first draft edits last week and finished those in a few days time.. now I'm working on the second set of edits where I look at my story structure and fill in the blanks.

i started with a paragraph a sentence in my plot outlines.

just enough to get me started writing. then i grow the manuscript from there.

true i reached the goal of 50,000 within 6 days and now i'm working at making the story sound better and rewriting each plot section as I go along with my 2nd grammar and spell check.

that video hasn't been posted yet.. i'll be able to show you the differences in the manuscript because I always save the FIRST original draft, typos and all then I'll do an editing draft.. and then the final draft will be last.. that one won't be saved until i sent it to a literary agent, they send back corrections to be made and the final draft is composed.

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