Friday, January 14, 2011

Creating Ten Novels in a Book Trailer - The Munroe Series - Author Linda Randall

I went to authonomy where I have created my book covers and uploaded them with the manuscripts so that people can read and vote for me to get published.  Once I put them into the video, I realize they were blurry and terrible looking.  I wanted the book trailer to be magnifico!

So I changed the photos and added new things to it.

I'm going to have redo this trailer because four of the books are about the same family and the photos are basically the same.

These aren't the REAL book covers, they are fictional one's that I made up using photos from google.  I plan to find some stuff in the future and film it and use it for the book trailers.

I want to go to Place Royale, Montreal and Quebec and put in some video shots of the hills, mountains and St Lawrence Seaway from Mount Royale.

It will really make the video look realistic.

I figure since I'm too lazy to edit the novels and find a Literary Agent.

Okay I sent out 6 letters and got back 6 rejections.

I sent out 1 to montreal and they told me to send my stuff to them.

I sent a few pages in an email but not sure if thats good enough and I haven't had any time to go over the notes and I cannot remember WHERE I sent it.

I had all these files organized on my computer and then it died..
I kind of forgot to BACKUP that information. :)

Live and learn.

The video will be on my youtube channel and on the munroe series blogs, websites and on my writers blog the  idea girl says on wordpress.

Linda Randall

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