Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breathing Life into Downtown St Catharines Via Blogging by The Idea Girl

Critelli's furniture has been at 126 King Street since 1914.  A historical place to shop with the finest in wood designs.  Fashion Designers love their product and you get the BEST quality here.

How does a blogger breathe life into the St Catharines Ontario Canada Downtown Shopping Area?  By blogging about it and showing people what they can do.  Not only will I show you things to do, but I'll connect the dots, so you can have a lovely day of visiting a spa, an art gallery, going for a walk, shopping for unique fashions and interior designs to make your home your castle.

Dotted with cafe's , specialty shops and interesting things to do, who wouldn't want to travel to St Catharines and visit?  You can find multi-cultural events at the Market Square where International people sell their wares.

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