Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting a new company called IGC Entertainment Canada - Youtube

So far I've created 2 blogs and 1 youtube account for my new media, music, entertainment company called IGC Entertainment Canada.
i will be creating videos this week and uploading them soon!

As you know Idea Girl Consulting is more about business, writing and novels.  So I wanted to start an entertainment company.
the jokes on me though, I just called Cogeco and I CANNOT get the higher speed package for $64/month which would give me more than 125 gig uploads.

I have 30 gig now and I am always cutting it close.

Since I plan to do a web tv show next year I need more upload privileges.
I can get PRO but it's $30 more per month.

Sucks to be me.... LOL

Linda Randall

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  1. Sounds awesome! Wishing you the best in this new endeavor!