Monday, May 31, 2010

President Barack Obama -Scientific Ideas to Stop Oil leak in the Gulf - the idea girl

having a vision of what to do.

I'm just following what the universe tells me, hope this can help.

If not sorry to take up your time, just trying to help.

using a tall metal structure on each side of the pipe straight up in air to surface.

you cut or build it around the pipe so that it fits into the ground giving it a base, weigh it down to keep it in the water and upright.
using tires around it to stop any impact to the piping.

using the shell of a rocket from NASA large like this.

bind tires together with rope and put a rubber blanket in a hammock along the tires,
direct the oil to where you want it to go.

rubber expansion joints

make it sturdy so that it will be round, can take storms and float with the storm but
direct the oil where you want it to go. make a large tube out of tires and carry the oil towards a pool area where it can be skimmed and removed.

rubber blanket

oil absorbent blankets

High temperature oil boom cover blanket

oil pot for storage or use as a valve to direct the oil to where you want it to go

can we slide the blankets in the water, pick up the oil then take them to a factory to be burned for fuel?
is this a type of recycling that can be done to save the oil.
something that draws the oil to it, and then you move the oil in the direction that you want it to go.

used for a boat but why not a tunnel like structure to move the oil where you want it to go

Epoxy Resin Curatives

Flanged Rubber Bellows

sea and air pressure studies

small island where to send oil?
w 89 degrees 42' 36" what is here?
n 22 degrees 30 ' 36" on google earth no name found.

Isla Perez, Yucatan, Mexico ?


  1. About 5000 barrels of oil a day are leaking into the gulf.

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  2. the last video i saw of the sheered off pipe shows a coupled section where two pipes are joined sheer off the fasteners cut the top flange off use one of the bolt holes to fasten a cap or valve on the pipe positioned out of the flow of oil then spin the cap or valve into the flow insert remaining fasteners tighten down then close valve problem solved watch the john Wayne movie about oil field workers they show u how common people just takes a purpose built robotic sub common people we put a man on the moon and probes clean out of the solar system im sure with the budget cuts NASA isn't busy

  3. if they end up using my idea can i get a good job from bp??? lol