Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robin Jay - Dr Caroline Williams - The Power of the Platform Speakers on Success

Robin Jay

Dr Caroline Williams

Today I did a book review on Chapter Thirteen of the Power of the Platform Speakers on Success

Dr Caroline Williams - Passion + Purpose = Success

This book is great because it is teaching me how to be a success as a writer.

Who would have known that I would start a blog in May 2009 and a year later I'd be getting published?

In fact, I've been writing novels and I haven't approached any Literary Agents yet.

I'm going to wait till I have a few more books written and my articles get published then I'll send it out.

They say you want to develop a good strong authors platform of readers.

That's what I'm working on now with my novels.

I post them on http://authonomy.com  for your reading enjoyment.

I only hope that you will vote for me so that I can be published.

By "backing this book" that's  your vote saying you think it's a great book and that Harper Collins should take a look at it once it reaches the top 5 manuscripts.

They will decide to publish it.

Robin Jay once told me that some day the Literary Agents will be emailing me requesting my books once I tap into the right kind of market.

I thanked her for the compliment and I'm working towards that happening.

In the meantime I'm educating myself about how a book is written, published and marketing ideas.

You see I don't want my books to collect dust once they are published.

I want them to sell like hotcakes.

Linda Randall
Idea Girl Consulting

I have three novels posted on authonomy.com

the calamity girl - the promotion

the munroe mansion

the ss america

Here are the blogs about these books, fictional character profiles and settings

I've also created websites on squidoo about the art work, architecture, furniture designs found in the 1900s which I used Robert Adam's designs in the munroe series.

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