Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jack Canfield - The Art of the Business Lunch - Robin Jay - Career Choices

I've posted more about Robin Jays book The Art of the Business Lunch.

Today I've featured a quote from Jack Canfield and a video from his Success Principles Series.

Jack Canfield is a powerful motivational speaker for business luncheons and seminars.

Robin Jay is called "The Queen of the Business Lunch."

We share how she can teach you on how to handle your Executive Clients for Business, Sales, Movie Producers, Screen Play Writers, Authors, Freelance Writers.

I believe we can all use some education when it comes to dealing with clients.

Anyone who owns a business can learn from these gifted individuals.

Learn how to close the sale.

Find out what makes executives tick in the market place.

I've been reading Robin Jay's books for the past few weeks and I'm blogging my reviews on two of the books so far.

I've posted an index page for each review here on blogspot.

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