Monday, November 16, 2009

Neo Metal - Heavy Metal Music - Slipknot - Headaches

Headaches is a cool heavy metal band that I found while looking up Beauport , Quebec.

I love their voices, the guitar playing is amazing and I think this band should be signed up with a music producer!

I'd like to see some of their music in the movies.

I think they will sell a lot of records with the right amount of promotion.

They definitely will appeal to teenagers around the world.

They sing tribute music to Slipknot but I think their voice and music quality is ten times better!

Headaches can be viewed on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

Bar au Cafe Du Palais

Téléphone :
(819) 566-8977
Adresse :
184 Ruelle Whiting   Sherbrooke, QC ,

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    You will also like them!!