Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ook Review : Editing And Revising Text Written By: Linda Randall

This is the first review that I typed and lost. It somehow popped up in my drafts today( I swear it wasn't there before?-creepy)I found this book extremely helpful as I am currently learning to edit my own manuscript. I figure a first impression is a good impression and from what I constantly read from Publishers is the cry for better manuscripts! These people are busy and they have little time on their hands. Besides, it's costly for them to have to comb over your manuscript and do mass editing, when in reality they could take that time instead to read another manuscript. Now if we all pull together and stop sending in sloppy work, we will get published more often and actually promote ourselves in one big way, we care about our work and what it portrays about us.Spelling mistakes - there is no reason for them. Don't rely on spellcheck because your words may be spelled correctly but it may be the wrong word in a sentence. i.e. I took too watching birds. - in this example your words are correct but the sentence structure sounds awkward.Dictionary- I bought a dictionary for two dollars at the Book Depot the other day, and I was so proud of myself for saving money. Then I read Grammar Girls statement, that the new Oxford Dictionary has removed many hypens from words. Guess what now I have to refer to the new book to find out what is spelled correctly. I really find it annoying though, cause I wrote my manuscript months ago and would you believe each time I read a new *writers guide* book I groan? Oh not another change to be made! Yes! One book told me to capatalize all the Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin etc%u2026 You get the picture right? A new book 2008 Writing Guide, now tells me I only capatalize Aunt when followed by her name? It says if I am referring to them as a person. Well I get tired of writing Aunt Matilda a hundred times, so I added dialogue in from one of the Nieces or is that nieces? Now I'm royally confused. I want to submit a great manuscript, but with this not clarified, what do you suggest I do?Sometimes I'm tempted to just throw in the towel. Now I know what they mean by being a persistent writer. It takes patience , perfection and knowledge to stay ahead of the game. It's funny though, I was reading Stephanie Meyer's site the other day and she said that she sent in a terrible synopsis of her book. Can I please have her agents email? I'd love to send you my terrible synopsis. My problem is I've created a hundred characters (I'm sure JK Rowling can relate) and I'm supposed to write a one page query and twenty page synopsis that makes sense and is written in proper english.It would be so much easier to send it text style. Michael a doctor, has a great sex life, falls asleep. dies. Now wouldn't that be much easier to write then a long proper sentence? I am getting my synopsis across right?Okay, when your not a professional publisher or editor, you can feel comfy writing that style, but someone who has been taught and practiced at doing it for years, probably cringes when in a few sentences they can tell when they are dealing with a novice. No wonder some of them refuse "unsolicited submissions". I don't blame them but what if I am a creative person and I come up with some fantastic ideas? You might miss out on making a few bucks. Right now, because of the economy everyone wants the sure thing.Now if retail had that attitude and Mcdonalds, we would be served the same thing over and over again. Give us fresh meat and we grab for it, right away. Twilight was a fresh new concept, something different, colourful, action packed and full of suspense, which is why we went nuts on it. Did you go to the theatre? I think it was more the characters "in the movie" that drove the madness. Every young girl under 15 was screaming her head off before the movie started, by the apperance of that cute blonde guy.(i'm terrible with names; you can all correct me in your mind)

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