Thursday, April 23, 2009

Idea Girl Consulting - Changes Made

It was fun today changing my Idea Girl Consulting site, to just links and videos for the business person.  A great tool to use for Twitter and Microsoft Office.  For those of you needing to learn how to use a few things you will find this site very useful now.  I'll be posting my business adds on and my articles about home, life and work on

Idea Girl Consulting is also working with La Moda Shoes at the Fairview Mall to set up some decent Internet traffic and generate sales for the store.  Were working together as a team and having fun.  I worked with Bafrin for a few years at Sitel.  We were both Customer Service Reps.  I left Sitel back in 2006 after a car accident.  She left to start her own business, a designer shoe store at the Fairview Mall in St Catharines.  She's owned the store for 5 years now and business is a bit slow.  She asked me to be a sales person in her store and I suggested I do something more for her.  

So far I'm doing good with expanding my horizons.  I'm still writing dialogue for my novel, The Mansion on the Hill, I'm networking with Neil to do "green articles" for his sites and to promote renewable energy.  I'm working towards, gathering research information from scientists, inventors and just about anyone with a good idea, and trying to formulate a plan to present to the powers that be, so we can generate ideas to boost the economy and create a new industrial revolution of sorts.

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