Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Cat fight in Canadian Parliament!

Dear Rick Dykstra and Members of Parliament;

Steve Harper is the perfect angel. He's always up in the air harping about something and if it concerns the well being of Canadians then were one hundred percent behind him. Judging by the news our Government is in an up roar because one man and his party decided to start cutting costs where it wouldn't affect anyone too badly.

In regards to the issue about our Government subsidies to political parties, Canadians pay taxes to own a home, drive a car, and eat at a restaurant. Were taxed on the services we use, our natural resources and gasoline to travel. We pay monies towards our health care, our childcare and our investments. We work each day so that we may eat, drink and be merry!

Anyone who works pays into union dues, employment insurance and Federal and Provincial taxes. So I ask you as Canadians, do you want a stable Government so that Investors from near and far will pour their hard earned cash into our economies and industries and continue the stability that were used to? Why are our Government Political Parties in a catfight over a budget?

The only reason your there is because as a nation we voted for you. We decided who was to be the main decision maker. We’ve put our trust in this Government to rule this country with honesty, integrity and to look out for the welfare of each Canadian. This is a time to be united. For united we stand and divided we fall.

Our economy needs to be taken care of. If this means cuts to various programs then start at the top. The Government should not be footing the bill for any political parties. The people who believe in a party should all privately fund it. They should collect political union dues from their supporters. You will have a lot more money to work with and you will have to answer to your constituents how you've managed every penny!

We as Canadians pinch our pennies and survive on very little income; our Government needs to do the same. When times are tough we tighten our purse strings and belt buckles. We cut back on our every day normal luxuries and live a simple and care free life. When times are good we put away our nest egg for those rainy days and then we bring back our extra little luxuries.

Women have fought for equal rights and we now have them to some degree. Let's not squabble as Canadians over things that are part of the "wants" list. Let's take care of our necessities first and reduce expenditures where we can with as little impact to the general well being of any living thing in this country we call Canada. Let's unite and help each other out and when things get better we skim the cream off the top and enjoy the rest of the creamy milk with pleasure!


A Canadian Citizen named Linda Michelle Randall

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